Mats For a Cause

The FaithMat

FaithMat and Faith Moves Ministry, ( a non-profit wellness program) are working together to give back to communities that are in need of wellness within themselves. Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, we want to be a difference to those who see themselves as broken and shattered. Sometimes we don't recognize hardships, pain and brokenness as a "good thing" until God steps in. Little did I know that my overlapping scars of illness and and life misfortunes would land me sitting on top of a fitness mat to un-ravel tears, deep prayer's and blossoming my faith, and putting back all the pieces... Time and God sure knew!

There are no words, or actions that can present a more powerful message than the Cross. I pray that the world will change the way it looks at Wellness. "True Wellness" begins and ends when we have arrived at the foot of the Cross".

100% of proceeds go back to Faith Moves Ministry. Thank you for your contribution.